Thang Nguyen

Dr. Thang Le Nguyen graduated from UC Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Bioengineering in 2014 and did undergraduate research in the lab of Dr. Chih-ming Ho studying the use of feedback system control models and other optimization methods in culturing algae for biofuels. He later studied under the co-mentorship of Dr. Thomas Zangle  and Dr. Michael Teitell for his PhD also at UCLA. He obtained a Whitcome fellowship in 2018 for his work using quantitative phase microscopy to interrogate biophysical properties in different types of cancer and during cellular transitions like cell cycle states and the epithelial mesenchymal transition. He later obtained his PhD in Bioengineering and is currently a  postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Teitell at UCLA, where he is currently studying the effects of mitochondria mutations on biophysical properties in engineered cardiomyocytes. His research in Dr. Teitell’s laboratory is currently funded by the NHLBI NIH UCLA/Caltech Integrated Cardiometabolic Medicine for Bioengineers T32 Research Service Award.