Dylan Sarver

Dr. Dylan Sarver received his bachelor’s degrees in biology and chemistry and Orthopedic medicine from Millersville and West Chester Universities of Pennsylvania, respectively, in 2015. During his undergraduate training, he joined molecular biology and sports medicine to investigate the diversity of pathogenic microbial species which exist on “clean” wrestling equipment. He then worked as a research associate at University of Michigan from 2015 to 2017, during which he studied the growth, regulation, and mechanical properties of tendon and skeletal muscle in both physiologic and pathophysiologic contexts. After his time at U of M, Dylan traveled to Baltimore to begin his PhD in Cellular and Molecular Physiology in the lab of William Wong at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His PhD focused on molecular endocrine physiology, multi-tissue mechanisms of homeostasis, metabolism in mouse models of trisomy 21, and extreme organism physiology. Upon completion of his PhD, Dylan moved from east to west coast to begin his postdoctoral training at UCLA in the lab of Jake Lusis. As a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Sarver now focuses on sex-specific methods of multi-organ communication, endocrine regulation of circadian rhythms, and mechanisms of chronic heart failure. He is currently focusing on building unbiased, transcriptome-wide, sex-specific, and time-resolved gene oscillation networks for the heart in models of chronic disease.